Yoshiya - Sparky Robot Blue Piston Variation

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Sparky Robots were made in the late fifties and came in several variations. I have learned there are 7 known variations. One thing is sure and that is that there are TWO blue variations. This, the
" Piston Variation is the most scarce one ( and the most beautifull one also ! ;) The litho is totally different than the more "regular"  one with gears lithoed on the body.

I found several of these sparky robots in Italy a year agoo and i finally have the time to picture them and list them and this time I started with the most rare one :)

Condition: I can be short: near mint robot in near mint box.
Not much more to add, no flaws and a really above average example of this robot but be realistic.. how many of these are known to excist ! ?? exactly, so its an ultra rare and scarce robot in ANY condition. comes with original detective box.

Extremely hard to find robot and I think one of the best sparky robots !

CFP:  Contact me For Price   at   boogo.nl@gmail.com