Yonezawa - Mechanical Moon Robot

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Made in the early sixties ( 1961 ) by Yonezawa in Japan. This windup Moon Robot is better known as Ribbonhead Robby. The robot is made completely out of tin with a plastic dome. The robot is driven by a strong clockwork mechanism with sprakling action and some strange action in his head. Three colored " things " are rotating and give the head a sort of kaleidoscope effect.

Also this one was found in Italy, where else ! :-) It was part of an Huge collection of rare robots like gang of five, Jupiter, Change Man and that kind of goodies which you normally never bump into :) This Moon robot was part of that collection.

I can be pretty short about the condition: Near mint and all original robot in ditto box. The robot has hardly been played with before ever and works like new, even sparks. The pink dome is original and free of cracks. The robot comes in its original box with inserts. Box is near mint, no flaws to mention

You will have a hell of a job to ever upgrade this one...

Ribbonhead Robby Robot is a very scarce robot in any condition and extremely scarce in THIS condition. Near mint robot with ditto box, you can NOT GO WRONG with this one !

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