Yoshiya - Sparky Robot Blue Variation

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Sparky Robots were made in the late fifties in Japan by KO Yoshiya and came in several variations. I have learned there are 7 known variations. One thing is sure and that is that there are TWO blue variations. One blue variation shows pistons, the other one, this one shows gears.
One thing is the same and that is the AWESOME blue special color and nothing can beat that color. I LOVE this blue color on old vintage toys, its simply the best !

I found several of these sparky robots in Italy a year agoo and i finally have the time to picture them and list them

Condition: Excellent to near mint and hardly been played with. The robot works PERFECT and even the on/off switch on his head works as a sharm. Not much more to add, no flaws and a really above average example of this robot but be realistic.. how many of these are known to excist ! ?? exactly, so its an ultra rare and scarce robot in ANY condition. There is no box for this robot.

Blue Sparky Robots are very hard to find and in this condition you will not see them again very soon.

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