Nomura - Robot Tractor with Piston Movement

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This late 1950`s (1957 to be exact), Made in Japan, Robot Tractor was manufactured by Nomura. This battery operated tractor moves forward and backward with its pistons moving up and down within the clear plastic illumiated cylinders. The engine is 'cooled' with a tinmade propellor that also really works, very nice to see it in action. The tractor is 'controlled' by a blockheaded robot that crasps its claw hands on the control levers.

I found this robot Tractor in Italy on my last trip in the neighberhood of Milan in an antique shop along with some other very interesting toys :-)

This Robot Tractor is in excellent original condition. It has been played  with but ended up in an antique shop for many years looking at the dust the toy took ! :) I did not try to clean it, leave this to the new owner.  It comes with the original box in good condition as well. The threads are also original. The battery compartments are clean. 
The tractor works fine and strong with moving lighted pistons and a spinning propellor to "cool" the engine :-) One of my favorite toys ! 

Hard to find combination of the toy and the box. 

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