Horikawa - Forklift Robot

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For me this is the BEST Horikawa robot that was ever made. I dont know why but who the hell on earth came up with the idea to create THIS robot.... must be a very creative brain !
I found the robot in Italy on my last trip / vacation. I was tipped by somebody who told me about a yellow robot with a red head... that was all he could tell. The owner found the robot cleaning up the house. First they found the box and days later the robot. unbelievable that these toys and their boxes can survive all those years.. it keeps amazing me...Thanks to Geraldo for helping me finding this robot ! Grazi ! :)

This Horikawa Forklift Robot was build in the mid 1960`s and is one of the most scarce and rare horikawa robots ever build. You will not see these ever in the open market, period ! Its really amazing how these robots were produced. The sturcture is very complex and therefore too expensive to have these robots sold well, at least thats my best guess and the only reason why they are so scarce today.

In action this robot walks forward and his forklift goes up and down while he walks. About almost everything is different on this robot compared to regular horikawa robots. the helmet, feet, arms, head, belly, mechanism... looks like he comes from an other universe :) !!

The condition of this rare and scarce robot is near mint and I really doubt if you can ever upgrade this robot. It works fine and strong, no flaws to mention. Even better is the fact that this robot is accompanied by its ORIGINAL box and inserts. The condition of the box is excellent. As a bonus: there is also ONE original crate ! :)
Life IS great !!!!!!!

One of the hardest... ehhhh sorry.. the MOST difficult to find Horikawa robot in full glory.....I dont think you will see this one again soon...
Extremely scarce robot, box and crate !

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