Paya - Robot a Resorte

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Surprisingly these robots were not made in Japan but in Spain. They are produced by Paya and were available during 1967 - 1971. An exact date for this robot is very hard but it must be somewhere in this timeframe. There are some other variations known. This is a windup variation but the robot also takes 2 C-Cell Batteries to power some lights in the robots head.

I found this robot in France last summer. It was for sale on a flea market. The seller found it in an estate but could not give me any additional information about the robot.

In action the robot walks forward on wheels. 2 C-Cells must be inserted to fire up the lights. The condition is excellent and the robot shows normal playwear. Its unbelievable to see how these fragile robots could survive all those years and even have been played with.

The robot comes with original box which. A scarce combination of a very hard to find robot with the box.

Hard to find in any condition.

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