Nomura - V-12 SpaceMan Tractor ( VST - 1002 )

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Again an unique piece, made in the Netherlands. made in a series of 1 out of 1. Designed after the Japanese ideas of the golden age, a piece of spactoy art !

This V-12 SpaceMan Tractor is the second creation made in the Netherlands by VST. The idea was born when I found a tractor with a real moving V-12 Engine and till today I never saw this tractor Variation before. Yes we all know the robot tractor, and with a farmer but they all have pistons lighted with a fan.
This tractor has a BIG V-12 Engine that moves exactly as it should do in real... VERY cool.
We rebuild this Tractor with orignal parts from Japanese spacetoys from the fifties and the sixties. The result is astronaut in control on an awesome lithoed orignal seat, rocket bumper, original tracks, forward and backward control and V-12 Space Sound. The antenna keeps him in contact with his base..

The condition of this unique toy is very good, in working order, and all with original parts. Its unique and there is only ONE version on this entire planet :-)
Exclusive made and signed  by VST ( VST 1002 ) and comes with a certificate.

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