Lemssa - Robot

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The odds you find this robot in ONE piece are not that big. In fact its almost impossible to find this robot complete, undamaged and working. Even harder it will become to find it untouched with original box and why..? Take a good look at the pictures and you have the answer. A fragile robot allready when it left the factory, a miracle it survived and scarce in this condition, new and unplayed with ! 

This robot dates back to the early seventies and its made in Spain by Lemssa. Made out of plastic. The robot has a clockwork mechanism and can be taken apart, that is what it was designed for.

I found the robot in France last summer, not surprising because it was near the Spanish border :-)

The condition of the robot is mint, unplayed with condition. No flaws to mention, working fine. The box is excellent with some minor tears as shown in the pictures. Tears are caused by opening the box somewhere in the robots life, its impossible to open the box and not make tears by the way ! :) so its common for this robots box IF you can ever find such a nice example though....

Extremely hard to find in this condition. Rare robot  !!

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