Yonezawa - Atom Rocket 15

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So this must be number 15 in a row than ! ? :-) I always wondered how this numbering worked and looking at this rocket there must be 14 other variations .... dont think so :)
Made in Japan by Yonezawa. Atom Rocket 15 is a rocket that is not surfacing too often in the open market. Can not remember I saw it many times before.
I found this one in the UK some time agoo and found it again when I was looking for a robot on my attic, I simply forgot about this one. 

The most facinating thing on this rocket is the engine. It really looks like there is fire inside then engine, very very cool. Of course there is rocket noise, bump and go, rotating antenna and be honnest... its a very nice looking rocket with ditto box.

The condition is excellent. One of the fins has a small glued repair and the knob of the batterydoor is missing. its easy to create something new again there but that is to decide for the new owner.
Complete and all original, original antenna as well. Very nice box in excellent condition. Not easy to find rocket from the sixties.... Made in Japan

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