AHI - Outer Space Robot

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Outer Space Robot, made by AHI in Hongkong is made in several variations. This blue vizer variation is one of the most rare and scarce robots in this series. Made in Hongkong in the seventies. The robot features walking action, not much more. Its the design and of course the awesome blue vizor that makes this robot famous.

There is no box but the box is the same for all variations so should not be to hard to find. The condition of this AHI robot is excellent, all original and complete with the always missing batterycover. The robot is not working and to be honnest... I gave up the idea that these plastic hongkong robots will ever work, they never does actually so after all those years you get used to this and accept the fact that plastic hongkong robots simply never work :)

I tried to repair them in the past but the plastic used is many times not the best, the robots are hard to open and you can do more bad than good trying to repair them.

AHI Outer Space Robot with blue vizor, ultra rare variation, not easy to find in any condition.

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