Nomura - Robby Space Patrol ( Dark Blue Variation )

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Did you every know that this toy was made in TWO variations ? !!
In lightblue and in darkblue ! This is the darkblue variation, I found it in the UK, where I bought it from the first owner who played with it as a kid ( and did that very well and kept the toy in awesome condition, THANKS Steve for this ! :)

In all those years I found several stories about this toy. Its still unclear to me what the real story is behind this beauty so I decided just to pick a story that I like the most so here we go....

The original Robby Space Patrol issued by the Japanese Toy Company Nomura in 1957. Long the subject of collectors desire, the exceedingly rare Robby Space Patrol, by Nomura, has inspired a culture of legend. Upon release, the story goes, MGM enjoined Nomura from further sales of the toy, as it infringed upon the studio's intellectual property rights from Forbidden Planet, released in 1956 to international acclaim. While there is no doubt Nomura lifted this toy directly from the film, such a theory doesn't explain why Nomura was rejoined on this toy, yet was left free by MGM attorneys to continue knocking off Robby as Mechanized Robot (1950's)
and Piston Action Robby (1950's). And no, the use of the name "Robby" on this toy wasn't the final straw which drew attorney ire.
Best guess: the toy didn't sell enough to continue production. Stunning lithography, mystery action, and authentic down to the tiered pilot on which Robby rides - in a world of superlatives, there is only one greatest: Robby Space Patrol by Nomura.

Ok so far for the story behind this legend.... The condition of this Robby Space Patrol, which was made by Nomura in Japan and made out of tinplate, is excellent, complete and fully functional. The only thing to mention is a crack in one of the shields and a missing piece in the other. Reproductions are available but I prefer the original above a repro, even if there is a crack and a small piece missing :-)

The actions are mystery bump&go action, flashing lights in the transperant dishes, flashing in robby his head and a rotating robby the robot on the driverseat.

Really an excellent example of this great toy

VERY rare and scarce spacetoy. You just never see these in the open market.

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