Yonezawa - Space Explorer

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At first sight you would say this is a SH robot or maybe and HongKong Robot but nothing of this is true. Yonezawa is the manufacturer of this fantastic Robot.  At second sight you would say this is a common robot but again... its not. This space explorer is showing up on occasion and is a hard to find robot. Do a quick search and you will find out there is not much to find about this robot.

Yonezawa produced this robot in the late sixties. Made out of tin and plastic, rotating action and a VERY nice lightshow with clicking action and fantastic colors. Together with a fantastic box, this is really a must have robot for every collection. Made in Japan by Yonezawa !

The condition, I can be short, unplayed with robot, mint in ditto box.
No need to ever upgrade this one and oh, he works fine as well ! :)

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