Kanto - Space Patrol

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Kanto - Space Patrol

Space Patrol.... I think more than 50 toys from the fifties bear this name. The name may be common but the toy is not. Take a look, no take a seat and than take a look.... isnt this a beauty ! ? Keep in mind that this is a CHILDS toy and not a collectors item, allthough it was not in the fifties ;)

Made in Japan by Kanto, a name that does not show up too often in robot and spacetoy land. I even had to add the name Kanto today to my directory so its the first toy from this manufacturer that enters my website.

Kanto Space Patrol was made in the late fifties in Japan and is made out of tin, lithographed tin. There is a lot to see and discover...Light, guns, antenna`s, more antennas, tracks, bump&go, spacesound, astronaut in contol, radarscreen and more !!! One of the most attractive spacetoys I have ever seen in the scene ! :)

I found this toy in Italy ( Pisa ) I was contacted by a friend of mine thatI have not spoken to for maybe 4 years. I was there in Pisa in the past to buy a tremendous mike from him, now he found me this toy and I had to travel there to pick it up in person, just like Mike years ago :)  always cool to go to italy to pick up such nice toys.. thanks man !

The condition is near mint and all original, perfectly working, no rust and original tracks as well. Kanto Space Patrol is one of the hardest to find spacetoys from the fifties and is missing in most collections. 

Extremely hard to find spacetoy in any condition !

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