Linemar - Golden Lantern Powder Robot

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Lantern, powder, smoking... these are some phrases that belong to this extremely scarce robot. Investing this a bit further and I came up with some answers :) The first robot in grey/blue is called Lantern Robot and was made in 1957 in Japan by Linemar.

A full year later a second robot was released and showed up in the 1958 catalog. The box says: " ROBOT with lighted eyes and smoke and lighted Lantern To avoid mistakes about the 2 robots the first version ( grey ) is called Lantern Robot the second one was given an other name: " Powder " robot.

Where both robots are extremely hard to find its even more difficult to find a complete and working one. The technique in this robot is awesome and I will try to explain. Of course the robot can walk like most tin toy robots. This robot uses " pinwalking " 2 static legs both have a pin inside that is driven by the internal mechanism.
when the pin comes out underneath the left foot, it tilts the robot a bit, then the pin in the other foot comes out and the robot " walks "
It becomes better when you think of this mechanism and you see also the arms move. One of the arms holds a Lantern and YES a light inside blinks while the robot walks but... there is more !! Inside the robots head is a small container which can be filled with talcum powder. When the robot is in action a sort of piston inside is triggered and released by a strong spring which causes an overflow in the, with powder filled container, in the robots head. The only way out for the powder is a small tube inside the robots mouth et... voila...the robots " smokes / read blows powder.

who the hell ever invented this... my god, what a creative brain ! awesome. !! Oh and did I also mention both eyes of the robot blink as well ! ?? well they DO ! :) All of this above is packed in a stunning lithoed robot, a classic robot from the late fifties. For sure one of the best robots ever made !

The condition of this robot is excellent. There are some light scratches as shown in the pictures from beeing played with, The robot is complete and all original and even the cover for the powder compartment is there. The green wire and remote are also original.
The robot works fine and the powder mechamism still works. one of the eyes does not always light up because of a loose wire inside the robots head but I dont want to open up the robot for this. the robot walks and works strong.

An icon from the Golden Age... Limemar - Powder Robot !
One of the most looked for robots, extremely hard to find in ANY condition

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