Yonezawa - Winky Robot Blue Variation

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Winky Robot, made by Yonezawa in Japan in the late 1950`s is just an icon from the golden age, period. This blockheaded robot just looks great and was reproduced in the 1990`s in several different colors. this robot as also used to create the famous telephone robot ( this robot in red with 2 phone horns attached on each side of the robot )

Originall this winky robot was made in 2 color variations: Grey and Blue, where grey is the most common color variation and blue the rare and scarce one

This tinmade robot is equipped with a clockwork mechanism that makes the robot walk, sparks and a needle in his chest moves from side to side but these great actions does not make this robot famous, it are his EYES that also gives the robot its name. The eyes are holographic and make the robot wink, very nice to see this robot in action.

I found this robot in the UK last summer. The robot was found by the first owner when cleaning up his old stuff. Along with this robot also a Yonezawa Moon Detector was found. The robot was stored away for more than 35 years.

The condition is of this robot is excellent. The robot is all original and works fine and strong. even the original flint is still producing some sparks. When I found the robot it showed over 35 years of dust, old spiderwebs, etc etc. I cleaned the robot, oiled the mechanism and added placed back the original red mouthgel that i found inside the robot :)
The result is an stunning winky robot in its former glory. The robot is all original, works fine and strong and shows some normal time and playwear. This is how a vintage robot should look like, the special hammerfinish paint is awesome and bright and shiny. You will never see this type of paint on any other robot, Blue winky is famous for this !

Exceedingly rare and scarce robot that not shows up too often and is missing in most collections.

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