Alps - Space Ship FX 105

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Though this Spaceship lacks the use of tin, its still much searched for by collectors of space toys. Made in Japan by ALPS, this Spaceship has an unique feature for its age. The Saucer is equipped with a light sensor and a special made "lightgun"  When the beam of the lightgun is pointed to the lightsensor ( yes in the early 1970`s this spaceship had a real lightsensor :-) the saucer stops its mystery bump&go Action, opens a door and starts to fire little miniature flying saucers into space and you witness the birth of new flying saucers.......

All these actions are supported by flashing lights and spacesound. A very attractive flying saucer to see in action. This Alps spaceship is complete with all the "baby" saucers and the original light raygun. It is in mint and fully working condition and comes in its original box with all the inserts. The toys is in mint nearly new condition. The box has some wear and some repair on the inside.

This is a very nice addition to a new or excisting spacetoy collection.