Ichida - Diamond Space Patrol 001 ( VST - 1003 )

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VST - Diamond Space Patrol 001

As with all tin art toys, also this car comes with its own story. I saw the original car some years agoo and I was hooked the minute I saw this tin toy car. The colors, action, lines and name are out of this planet and this is simply the coolest tin toy car made in Japan in the sixties. The ONLY thing that I did not liked was the driver behind the steeringwheel. ( see the last picture, it shows the car with its original driver ).

I have searched for this car for years but its so dammned rare and scarce that the odds of finding one are almost down to 0%. I talked to a tin toy car collector who really saw and had everything and he told me he only saw 3 of these cars in 25 years of collection. 
This car was made in Japan by Ichida somewhere in the early sixties. Its build out of lithographed tin and has a great action:

The car rolls forward with mystery bump and go. Suddenly the car stops ( this is rare for a bump and go action toy ) and 2 hatches in the front of the car open up, 2 rayguns fire up and start shooting. Then the hatches go down again and the car shifts into first gear again, heading out for now spacecreatures to shoot at :-)

I found this car WITHOUT the driver and with a damaged mechanism in Germany where it was part of a small collection. The minute I spotted the car I knew how to transform it into one of the coolest spacecars on this planet ! :)
Here is the result of this fusion: ICHIDA Diamond Space Patrol 001 
( VST - 1003 )

The car is in excellent to near mint condition, works fine and strong, not rust, no damage, no ugly driver anymore :) but a COOL ROBOT behind the steering wheel. THIS is how the Japanese should have build this stingray.....Now its ART !... 
I will also desing and create a box for this toy. 
This is an unique spacetoy, the ONLY excisting one on this planet. Its exclusive made and designed by VST ( VST - 1003 ) and it comes with an original certificate, signed by the creator.

This car is for display only at this moment. Contact me if you are interested at boogo.nl@gmail.com