Alps - Space Drummer X-13 ( VST - 1004 )

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From the Dutch Spacetoy Studios  ( VST ) comes again a robot with music... Space Drummer X-13, made by VST and Alps Japan :). This Unique example is the ONLY one on this planet and is as far as I know, the second known drummer robot made in Japan :) Together with my friend Martijn we created an entire new head for this robot and kept the form, the looks and the action intact.

In action this Space Drummer walks forward while he beats his drums constantly in 2 sequences. The combination of the head goes along perfectly with the robot.

Space Drummer X-13 is powered by 2 D-cell batteries and the robot is made out of lithographed tin and plastic parts. All original and absolute unique Robot. 

Alps Space Drummer X-13 ( VST - 1004 ) is an unique piece of artwork, designed and created by VST.

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