Horikawa - Space Station (Blue Variation)

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Horikawa - Space Station

Horikawa Space Station was build in Japan in 1962 and was made in 2 versions, red and blue. It comes with mystery bump&go, spacesound, rotating antenna, 5 bays with blinking lights, engineroom and more more more.

The space station has 5 different bays: engine room, rest and recreation room, dining room, communication room, and controllers room. All the bays are highly detailed with lightning and little people in them. The engine room shows the real internal engine running, very nice to see in action.

This is the first version Horikawa made and its totally made out of Lithographed tin. They build a second version in the late 1960`s that had only 4 bays and was made out of tin and plastic, called NEW space station.

When you take a good look at this spacetoy you know immediately why not much survived. Allthough its made out of tin, its "fragile" and could easilly loose parts or got damaged during playing, lets face it, it was made to PLAY WITH :) They complex structure make these toys almost impossible to repair. Once taken apart you will have a hard job to put it back together because of the many little tin tabs that hold the toy together. This can only be done by an expert so many space stations that did not work anymore were simply trown away because nobody could repair them.

I found this example in Italy Milano on a fair.  The condition of the station is excellent, its all complete and in fantastic working condition. All the windows are original and free of cracks or any damage.  The batterycompartments are clean.  This example works fine and strong with all the actions, lights and rotating antenna. Antenna and construction are both original. The toy is accompanied by a fantastic and professional made reproductionbox.
Hard to find in complete and original condition with all 5 perfect windows. Fantastic toy to see in action 

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