Daiya - Ufo X-2

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Its unbelievebel that this tiny saucer survived the re-entrance of earth`s atmosphere. This little flying saucer has about the size of a cd-rom, was produced by the mighty Daiya company and is the only flying saucer they every produced.

Ufo X-2 made by Daiya in Japan has mystery bump&go action and flashing lights and was produced in 1970, so its basicly a late period toy. Still there is use of lithographed tin in combination with plastic, flashing lights and a human like spaceman in control.
The flashing lights does not follow a sequense but comes in action when the saucer hits an object. I only saw this kind of action before on a TPS saucer (Apollo Space patrol X-7).

The text on the saucer is hilarious: DONT STEP   I think they wanted to warn the children.... "watch out... dont step on me :)"

This tiny battery operated saucer is in mint condition and comes with its original box with all the inserts. Hardly played with and very hard to find because of a short production run.