Yoshiya - King Flying Saucer

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King Flying Saucer made by Yoshiya (KO) In Japan. The artwork on the box is outstanding for such a late period spacetoy. King flying saucer is made out of lithographed tin and plastic ( bottom ) It takes 3 batteries where almost every spacetoy takes 2. I have no idea why because the King is not a big or heavy toy. Maybe its the weird action of this flying saucer.

When turned on, King flying saucer heads out exploring its world with flashing colourfull lights, revolving body and a spacenoise that scares most enemies. Suddenly the saucer stops and lifts itself up by a hidden lever under the spaceship. It stays in this position for a while and then returns to a horizontal position and heads out again very fast.

King Flying Saucer is a late 1960`s spacetoy. It comes with its original box and is working 100 % ( most of them don`t because of broken lifting system ) Its in mint / new condition and there is no rust, there are no dings or scratches. King flying saucer is common but hard to find in original and boxed WORKING condition.