Cragstan - Zero of Space

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The owner of the toyshop in Trieste ( Italy ) laughed friendly to me when I picked up the robot. I guessed he wanted to say: " be carefull " but I think he could see I was used to pick up such fragile toys so he let me look.

The shop was filled with comic books, there was a lifesize Batman in the vitrine ( see the picture, it says: NOT FOR SALE ! :)  and there were some robots and spacetoys as well and among them there was this awesome robot: ZERO OF SPACE, walking Spaceman WITH original box ! :) 

Its the best example I have ever seen of this rare plastic robot. Its complete, all the chrome is perfect and he still walks, original batterycover, works fine and comes with original box !. His vizer is there and besides some missing white paintspots on his head, there is not much more to mention.... Awesome robot and box, hard to upgrade.

Zero of space was made in the late sixties in HongKong for Cragstan. Must been some of the final production runs for Cragstan. This robot was made later in several variations but this example is the hardest to find, and... its the best quality one that has been made.

Complete, all original and comes with original awesome box !
The box shows some wear and the plastic in the front is broken at several places but its still there. There are some tears as well but the fragile box is complete and even has the original inserts.
Very very hard to find robot in this condition.

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