Modern Toys - Space Surveillant X-07

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Modern Toys - Space Surveillant X-07

Its a pitty that this example is missing the toplid of the box. I was able to resque the toy, the inserts and the bottompart of the box but could not find the toplid.. can happen :)

Made in Japan in the mid sixties by Modernt Toys in Japan. This tinmade saucer was made in several variations, in red, blue and this combination, all under different names, like X-07 and X-09 but most with the same funktions, mystery bump and go action or non-fall action. This X-07 Space Surveillant is one of the harder to find rockets / saucers in this series. Its tinmade and comes with non-fall action. This means that the toy can hover around on a table and turns away from the edges so it wont fall from the table :) ( dont try it at home because I can assure you... it DOES fall after a while :-)

The astronaut is tinmake and his arm moves to control the rockets engine, with clicking sound and blinking lights. Besides some light playwear there are no flaws to mention on this toy.
Excellent condition, no dings, no rust, no breaks in the plastic dome. really an above average example with spotless batterycompartments as well, never been opened or messed with before... only a new one can beat this Space Surveillant ;) !

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