ATC - Robin Flying Space Patrol ( VST 1005 )

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ATC / VST - Robin Flying Space Patrol

What can you do when you find the remains of a rare robot car ? In my opinion there are 2 options: first: throw the car in the trash bin. Second.. transform it to a piece of "art"  make it something special

by using other "Junk from Space" and create a cool new toy.

Well, this is the case with this Rare ATC Space Car, transformed to ROBIN FLYING SPACE PATROL ( VST serial number 1005 )

An unique piece of which not a second one is or will be build. Unique by using all original tin toy robot and spacetoy parts of toys long forgotten and ready to end up in the trash bin...
Giving them a second life is fun and more than that... its like creating modern art.... at least, my opinion -)

the car is simply fantistic but was missing the original driver, the rocket and the friction was broken.
without the robot the car is boring but when you add an original Robin, some cool wings ( that can be taken off and clicked on again ) and some cool boosters... 
Suddenly its a totally different toy and VST project 1005 is born :)

The condition of this toy is really excellent. The friction is not working anymore, could not be resqued anymore but hell... why does the car need friction.. its has WINGS :)
The rocket is an ultra cool modern " Nuclear Warhead " and with Robing behind the steeringwheel... earth is safe ! :)

An exclusive toy, made by VST in the Netherlands. Robin Flyings Space Patrol ( VST 1005 ) comes with an original certifcate as well.
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