Alps - Man in Space

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Alps - Man in Space

This is one of the few toys of the golden age that actually flies :) Yes I know, it are all rockets, saucers, spaceships but none of them can really fly... but THIS one does ! :)
Made by Alps in Japan in the early sixties ( 1964 but not sure about the exact date. ) The toys was made in 2 variations, one with a crank mechanism and this one, the battery operated variant. This toy was also made with a sattelite instead of a space man by the way. 

In action the toy is powered by the remote ( 3 D-Cell Batteries ). a steel cable runs straigth into the astronaut and drives the propellors on his back. These spin rapidly and lift the astronaut in the air, VERY cool and attractive spacetoy. The astronaut is made out of tin with plastic arms and head, the remote is tinmade and also houses the motor that drives the cable / propellors.
Where the astronaut steels the show, the artwork on the box does the job. AWESOME artwork !!

I found this toy in Italy a couple of months agoo in an old toyshop. Its dead stock, unplayed with toy. Absolute unique and ultra scarce in this condition. The toy is complete, near mint to mint with original inserts, instructionsheet and original box. THe box shows some shelfwear, has a small cellotape repair in one corner and some wrinting and paperloss on one of the sidepanels..Still I will rate the box excellent to near mint, the artwork on the frontpanels is perfect and the best I simple ever saw for this toy.

Absolute unique, rare spacetoy and scarce in this condition. you will have a HELL of a job to ever upgrade this old stock toy :)

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