Nomura - Mechanized Robby Robot First Version

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Nomura - Mechanized Robby Robot  ( First Version )

Build in 1957 by Nomura in Japan. ( This is the First version )

This is for sure THE robot icon that everybody knows: ROBBY THE ROBOT in its purest form. Build as an exact  copy of the robot in the film Forbidden Planet. There were many variations made of this legendary robot but this is for sure the "mother" of all robbies :) The actions are of course walking, flashing lights, spinning ears and the famous pumping pistons in his head. His arm swing around while he walks. Not like other robots, robby carries the 2 D-cells in his legs. 

I found the robot on a market in Belgium. Surprisingly because these first versions does not show up too often in this condition with original box...

Nomura`s Mechanized Robot ( thats the official name of this toy ) is in near mint and is in 100 % original. Its the first version build by Nomura ( visable by the Knobs of the batterycompartments, the first version had round knobs, the second version didn`t. ) There is no rust there are no dings, never messed with before, no flaws to mention.

The batterycompartments are clean. The robot is in played with condition but very well taken care of, the robot survived the years very well. Robby is all original and complete, perfect original dome, original hands, box etc etc.. You can NOT go wrong with this fantastic example of this Legendary first version. The robot works fine and strong with pumping pistons and light. The robots actions are strong but a flat wheel ( caused by the years of standing on a shelf ) is keeping the robot from good walking action. This is a common problem for these robots. The little rubber wheels are not made for the robots weight to put it up for display for many years. ( the robot was made to play with ! :-)  
The flat wheel can be easily accessed and be replaced but I will leave that to the new owner to decide.

Overall condition of the robot is really excellent, all original and complete and working strong with all the actions.

The robot is accompanied by its original box in excellent condition as well. The box shows some little tears in one of the sidepanels, not even visable in the pictures. The box is original and has no repairs or taping, fantastic example of the original box.

In this condition... very hard to find, rare and scarce robot in this condition.

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