Linemar - Moon Car

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Linemar - Moon Car

Travelling around and looking for nice robots and spacetoys is not always easy and somethimes you can expect the unexpected. For This LineMar Moon Car, made in the early sixties by Linemar in Japan,  I expected to find not much inside the remais of the orginal box when I found this toy on an italian bootcarsale. The box, or better, the remains of the box were stored away, deep inside the Stationcar on a rainy morning in Legnano, about 30 KM from Milano and I expected to find not much interesting inside......

When I pulled the box out of the car I found more than expected inside... A near mint Moon Car, WITH original dome. The toy was dirty, the inserts were loose and protected the toy a bit. I bought the toy and brought it back home.
I had it in my workshop for over a year or so and finally I took the time to inspect it, clean it and test it... The result... amazing !!
Forget about the box and look at the toy :) Near mint condition and some spidering on the batterycover is keeping it from higher grading. The toy show only minor wear and looks almost not been played with. I think the toy suffered more from beeing stored than from beeing played with. Dome = PERFECT, no cracks, and also the windshields are original and perfect as well.
The Moon Car works fine and strong, the pistons inside the dome still move, lights work and also the lights inside the dishes still work fine.
One flaw is to mention, one hinge of the batterycover is broken. I did not even want to open up the toy for this. The cover stays in place perfectly, no need to repair the hinge. Battery compartment shows some wear as is always seen with these toys. Made in a "series" of three similar toys.  The other 2 are branded Nomura ( Robby Space Patrol and a similar Mooncar with astronaut and globe inside the dome )

Make no mistake on this Moon Car. These toys Always seems to have broken or cracked domes.. The dome is a loose piece that as you can expect from a childs toy, will always suffer from the earths gravity... The dome can NOT be opened to repair lights or anything else inside so always look for working examples.

Then there is the box, or better said, the remais of the original box. I taped the parts back together of what was left. Does not add much to the toy anymore but all original inserts are present :)
reproductions of this box excist.

this Piston Moon Car is very hard to find in any good working condition. Rare and scarce toy with remains of what was ever a box :)

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