Modern Toys - Space ship X-7 Flying Saucer

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In the early 1970`s Masudaya (Modern Toys,Japan) still produced spacetoys and flying saucers. This early 1970`s X-7 is a great example of this. 

Made out of lithographed tin and plastic this Saucer features mystery bump&go action, flashing lights and revolving antenna inside the big clear dome. This version was made for the japanese market as you can see on the box. This box is also a great example of the missing artwork that has been replaced by photorealistic artwork. Still the toy remains the charm of an earlier era.

This battery operated X-7 spaceship / flying saucer is new and never played with and comes with its original box and inserts.

X-7 is a pretty common spacetoy but mostly found without its original box. Perfect spacetoy to start a new collection.