Modern Toys - Space Surveyor X-12

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Modern Toys - Space Surveyor X-12

This ultra rare and scarce flying saucer was one of the late saucers modern toys produced in the bowlshaped saucer series. Space Surveyor X-12 is together with the satellite X-11 the hardest to find and this is the first boxed example I have seen for the past 6 years. 

I found this saucer in Belgium about 2 years agoo where it was sold together with a lot of other robots and spacetoys from a collector who passed away, his wife sold all the toys and i was able to lay my hands on the best toys :)

Space Surveyor X-12 is a fantastic flying saucer, besides the awesome blue color, the saucer shows weightlessness ( that is what the box says :). A revolving cabine shows the astronauts inside the saucer in a weighlessness position, with flashing lights and mystery bump and go action. a very attractive saucer to see in action with stunning lithography inside. The saucer is accompanied by its original box as well.

The condition of this saucer is near mint and only a few tiny scratches are keeping it from higher grading..  The saucer is complete, all original and in perfect working condition. The box is all original and only shows some wear from storage, no tears of repairs to the box. excellent to near mint box with fantastic artwork. I always loved this box, its a piece of art !

Modern Toys Space Surveyor X-12 is a rare and scarce flying saucer from the sixties. Hard to find in any condition.

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