Bullmark - Godzilla

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Bullmark - Godzilla

Yes I know, its not a robot in the way we all want to see it but Godzilla is cool, impressive, ultra scarce and a fantastic toy, related to imagination... related to space !

Godzilla was made in 1971 in Japay by Bullmark. This all tinmade creature is impressive, has awesome litho and ditto action. In action the toy moves forward with swinging ehhh claws :), mouth opens and closes but best of all... when Godzilla opens up his mouth he blows smoke as well ! :)

The Dino is powered by a remote control that takes 2 D-Cell batteries. 

The condition of this Godzilla is near mint, NO flaws to mention. The toy works fine and strong and the smoking mechanism works fine and still produces smoke, awesome !
The original batterycompartment is present but is not able to hold the batteries. The brown original remote is made of a bad quality plastic that breaks easily. The tin remote is an original Japanese remote from the sixties but does not belong to this Godzilla. The blue remote is near mint as well and powers Godzilla very well, the toy works like a charm. The original remote is present and will be included with the toy.

Bullmark`s Godzilla is a rare and scarce toy to find in any condition. You will not see a second example soon i guess....

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