Bullmark - Moonlight Man

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Bullmark - Moonlight Man

Moonlightman, a Japanese Character, was made in Japan by Bullmark in the late sixties / early seventies. This ultra rare and scarce robot is Battery Opereated and only a handfull of these are known to excist. whenever you see this robot its always equipped with a clockwork mechanism, the Battery operated variation is rare and ultra scarce.

It becomes even better because this robot is unplayed with old stock and comes with its original box ! 
The robot takes 2 C-cell batteries, one in each leg. In action the robot walks forward with Moonlight Man sound and lighted head. Made out of tin with a plastic head and cape.
All original and complete, never been played with at all ( not other than me :). In near mint condition. The robot is accompanied by its original box that shows a tear in the toplid and some water damage to the sidepanels. Box is in excellent condition, all original and complete.

I can not rememeber i ever saw this robot for sale in the open market. Impossible to find robot in any condition !

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