Marumiya - Changeman Prototype 1.

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Marumiya - Changeman Prototype 1. Tubehead.

The whole story about changeman can be found at my website under Horikawa - Changeman so if you want to know all the ins and outs of this robots history, use the search engine on this website and read all about it there.

This prototype, variation of Changeman was not much more than a box filled with parts and partly build mechanism.  I spent a couple of days to sort it all out and decided to build up this Changeman Robot Prototype again. 
The robots mechanism is pretty complex and its hard to build without the original drawings and blueprints... well.. I got these as well so the base was there to rebuild this robot and see what Mr Miyazawa had in mind with this prototype.

As I also got all the tools and boxes filled with original parts from Mr Miyazawa so all was there to start the buildup.

What differs is the head that is inside the dino head. Its not the normally used green painted boys head but this time a real robothead pops out when the dino goes crazy but there is more....

I have seen an other "tubehead" prototype floating around and saw pictures a year agoo but this one is different ! Not only the head is a blank tubehead, it has lighted eyes as well. !!

Now I hear you think... Ok marco.. lighted eyes.. that is not so strange for a robot...correct but for this robot ( read: mechanism) it IS !!

The head that pops out of the robot is driven by an internal very powerfull mechanism. It raises about 12 cm in hight, like a sort of lift mechanism. To connect the powering for the eyes in a mechanism that raises 12 cm every time with a lot of force is a hell of a job.
Mr Miyazawa drew a clever solution for this problem. I followed the instrucions from the drawings ( with the help of a swedisch friend who lives in Japan ) I was able to sort out the idea for this prototype.

The result is amazing and stunning... The dino walks forward and when he opens his head, a robot pops out with lighted eyes :) The idea works and was probably the base for some other variations / prototypes which I will show later.

The condition of this robot is near mint, all original and complete and in full working order as well. Absolute unique robot and one of a kind prototype of the legendary Changeman... 

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