Yonezawa - Mechanic Robot (Prototype/Color Sample)

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Yonezawa - Mechanic Robot Prototype / Color Sample.

This prototype of Yonezawa`s Mechanic Robot shows the search to perfection. Not only the head is a color testrun but also the arms we did not see again in the final production. The final product has an orange transperant dome with red faceshield and plastic arms. This prototype comes with a red head, green faceshield, tin arms and different colors in the kaleidoscope.

I personally like the head in this color setting together with the tin arms. Together it makes a fantastic prototype of this awesome robot, made by Yonezawa in Japan.

I found the robot in Japan were it was part of a collection of testruns, prototypes and sample robots. All unique robots, all one of a kind. Extremely rare and scarce and you will never see this robot again because only one was made in this configuration.

The robot has also fantastic kaleidoscope action with different colors inside that differ from the final product as well.
The robot is in mint unplayed with condition and works perfectly and strong and comes with an original japanese box. 

This prototype robot is unique, only one has been build up. Extreme rare and scarce robot. If you want to add something special to your collection... well.... here it is...

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