Osaka Tin Toy Institute ( OTTI ) - Astro Boy ( Unique Example with the ORIGINAL drawings )

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Osaka Tin Toy Institute - Astro Boy.
( Unique Example with the ORIGINAL drawings )

Somethimes a robot is special and somethimes robot is special in many ways... Well this Astroboy is such a robot, here is the robots story.....

Astro Boy is probably one of the best known Japanese Character robots outside Japan. Even these days, new toys, books and movies are made.

The robot was allready made in the sixties as a childstoy but is unbelievable scarce and hard to find these days. I can remember i only saw ONE original battery operated astroboy in all these years....
Having this said.. its not surprising that the robot was reproduced simply because its a VERY popular character. Most of the reproductions you will find are windups but the robot was also reproduced as a battery operated version, just like the ultra scarce original robot.

Osaka Tin Toy Institute made a high end limited edition of Astroboy in the early nineties and I believe this is really one of the best robots they reproduced. Astro Boy was made in a limited series of 1500 examples which... sold out in a few days in Japan...Hard to find outside Japan these days.

The quality of this robot is really High-end and if you have this robot in hand... its just like you have one in hand from the sixties. Over the years the paint aged and gives the robot an old patina... I am not such a fan of reproduction robots but this one is really really cool....a must have and it will fit PERFECTLY between its original brothers.

The robot is tinmade ( head is vinyl ) walking action, takes 2 C-cellls in the legs, light up head and opening door to reveil the robots mechanism... just like the original one... ultra cool and like I stated before.. amazing quality...BUT..... there is more....

THIS particular example comes with its ORIGINAL DRAWINGS !! The robot was drawn out again from scratch and every part, every edge, every detail was drawn again. This robot comes with the original drawings and blueprints, NO copies but the original ones !!
There are NO copies made of these drawings so its absolute Unique !
I have made some pictures but there are many more drawings that I did not picture all but are all included !
the feet, head, chestplate, mechanism, driving rods, arms... all drawn out and were used to manufacture this robot !

Serial Number: OT11-1036 is therefore an absolute Unique example of Osaka`s Tin Toy Institute Astro Boy. !!

The robot is complete, all original and comes with original box, inserts, registration card AND, ALL the original Drawings and Blueprints !!
Ultra rare and scarce combination, one of a kind opportunety to own a special piece of history ! ( oh... and it works like NEW as well :-)

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