Alps - Woodman ( Handpainted Prototype )

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Alps - Woodman 

Not a robot this time but I found the woodman between many robot parts I recently found in Japan.  The toy took my attention because its not the final production version, its a totally handmade and handpainted prototype.  The toy comes with several handpainted "try-out" parts as well.

Most of the parts, body, stand, arms and legs are handmade and some are made of brass. The final product has a battery operated mechanism inside but this prototype is missing the mechanism. The toy shows the search to perfection, amazing handpainted artwork on the parts.

Even better is the fact that this handpainted prototype is accompanied by all the original drawings and blueprints.  Fantastic combination, rare and scarce and absolutely unique...
An exception.. its not a robot but a very nice piece of tin toy making history...

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