Modern Toys - Space Shuttle Columbia

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The space shuttle programm gave the Japanese toybuilders a new impuls to create for the last time a spacetoy with the look and feel of the golden age in which high quality spacetoys were made. Build in the 1970`s is this non fall ( it wont fall off a table ) space shuttle build out of Lithographed tin and plastic. It has flashing lights on top and spacesound.

Modern Toys Space Shuttle has been hardly played with and is in mint, near new condition. It comes with its original box and inserts.
there is no rust, there are no scratches and the batterycompartment is clean.

For a late period toy its not very common. Not a scarce spacetoy yet but you dont see these much around. A VERY nice spacetoy for a starting collection or a great addition to an excisting one.

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