VST - Atomic Rubic Man (VST - 1018 )

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VST - Atomic Rubic Man 


This robot was made out of so many different parts that I lost count somewhere.  The base of the head was an empty tin that i found on a flea market about a year ago. The tin was used for some real dutch sweet called: hagelslag and the tin was made expecially for the 25th year anaversary of our queen Beatrix ( who is not our queen anymore now :)

I did not really saw an empty tin can to be honnest.. i saw a robot head but it took me over a year to find a body that would fit this potentional "head" 

When i found the original changeman parts some time agoo in Japan i started to work out an awesome new creation resulting in this robot: Atomic Rubic Man.
Because I ran out of original parts to complete changeman robots such like dinoheads, arms and most important, the mechanism i had to think of something else to bring these bodyparts back to life.

Because changeman somehow share its body with cragstans great astronaut i had to look for some incomplete ones and try to build in that mechanism into the changeman body. with some minor changes i was able to attach the legs and the body to the mechanism and that gave potentional to create a new robot. 

A friend of mine casted Alps Missile Man eyes into green and with that the idea was born to make the robots head from the "hagelslag" tin. I had to precice cut out the holes for the eyes and because i had only one tin available, it had to be perfect from the start. I used the nose from one of Henk Gosses Legendary Gustav Robots, the ears from a lavender robot and the mouthpiece from a chief robotman. 
I used the same blue as the changeman`s Dino head and made a tool to make the rivets into the robots head.

As I wanted to have the robot lighted up eyes and ears I had to think about a way to have them light up in the most perfect way. I had to make custom light tubes so that the eyes would light up perfectly and not just by a light inside, I wanted the robot to have really "x-ray" eyes.

The eyes and ears are powered by the ra ta ta mechanism of the astronaut and because there was enough room left inside the body i finally was able to install a flashing atomic chamber with special effects. something I wanted to do before on other projects but the mechanism for that atomic flash is pretty big and is hard to fit inside a robots body. Taking it apart results in a non working one so the whole thing had to be mounted inside... 

The result is, by using a special lens in front, spectecular and never seen at any other custom made robot.

So at the end, after weeks of hard work, I completed this Atomic Rubic Man and was able to have it working properly with all the functions i had in mind: Walking action, Atomic Chamber, Lighted eyes and ears and swinging arms with ra ta ta sound.

I used the same blue and yellow colors for the arms and head because that gives the best result. The changeman body has many colors, green, black, white, yellow and red and its hard to fit any other good colors with this colorfull body.

The robot is powered by a remote control that takes 2 C-Cell batteries.

This custom made robot is absolutely unique because its build out of all original rare and scarce robot parts that you will not find and see again. 
One of a kind robot, only ONE example was build ! The robot will be signed by the creator ( me :) and comes with a signed certificate. 
VST - Atomic Rubic Man   number 1 of 1.

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