Modern Toys - Space Pioneer

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These days, making a toy producing a loud "sirene like" sound will not be difficult with the use of soundprocessing microchips. Costs will be about 2 cents ? But things were a bit more complicated back in 1963 for Masudaya (Modern Toys). Exactly this is what makes this spacetoy so special. The Japanese toymakers were able to create a spacetoy that is able to produce a wonderfull spacesound  that sounds like a whooo whooo launching rocket, never heard before on any spacetoy. Its a mechanical "blowingsystem" with a build in whistle .

This in 1963 build spacetoy is equipped with this wonderfull mechanism. Build in Japan, Space Pioneer comes also with mystery bump&go action, flashing taillights in red and green and an astronaut in control.  A very attractive spacetoy in original and 100 % working condition. The paintwork has minor playwear and you can see this toy was hardly played with. the dome is clear, original and has no cracks. There are no dings and space pioneer works with its beautifull spacesound. Batterycompartment is clean. Overall, Space Pioneer is in excellent, condition. All original parts and in full working order though its runs a bit noisy. Hard to find in any condition.

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