Horikawa - Mars Explorer

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Horikawa - Mars Explorer.

Not all robots can be found mint in box and there starts the story of this extremely Rare and Scarce RED Mars Explorer...
Of course... the robot was found in Italy.. ( where else :), that is the country where ALL rare and good robots come from.... 

I was on the hunt for this robot for a while... the robot was not in the best condition and from the pictures i could tell the face was missing. ( I hoped it was INSIDE the robot and it was !!! :-)

The robot arrived here in its " Original Box ".   It does not happen to often that a robot is packed in re-used packing material that FITS the robot :)  I made a special picture of the robot in its packing material... its " original Italian box " :-)

The robot must have been in the condition I found it for many many years because of the dirt and spiders i found inside the body..but... the robot was complete AND original and bringing it back to life was just a matter of time.

Together with Martijn we started to take the robot apart till the last piece to clean it, adjust all parts again and make the mechanism work again. A few wires were loose and it was a hell of a job to understand the positive (+) working of the mechanism and the blinking light for the gun....

And YES... the missing faceshield was, as i expected, fallen inside the robot :-)
after some hours of work were were able to test and bring the engine back to life, which is always fantastic to see. An old robot that has not worked for maybe 40 years or more.... is comming back to life... cooool :)

When we finally had figured out the wiring scheme it was allready late but we were able to put the robot back together..... It worked perfectly again with stop and go action, opening door for the guns, ratata sound, light and also the windows that reveils the astronaut face in the robots head, opens up perfectly... mission accomplished :)

The condition of this extremely hard to find Red Mars Explorer is excellent. The robot has light wear throughout the body and is in played with condition.
Overall... still a very nice example of this rare robot. It works fine and strong again with  stop and go action. lighted guns and opening doors for the gun and astronauts head.
All original parts, complete and for me, this is how a vintage robot must be.... it tells a story and comes with a great story as well  ! :)

One of the hardest to find Horikawa Robot... made in Japan in the early sixties by SH Horikwa...

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