China - Sparkling Car ME - 791

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China - Sparkling Car ME - 791

When I read the discussion about this spacetoy on a board, everybody there seems to have overlooked ONE thing: this car is driven by an ALIEN :) !!

A car with an working atomic engine, space litho on the sidepanels and an alien in control.. well... all is there...Can it become more spacy than this :)

I really have no idea what the chinese were thinking when they choose a driver for this sparkling spacecar but man... its ugly :-), its even so ugly that you will never forget this toy and it fits perfectly between the other alien monsters on my shelf :)

The car was made in the early sixties by an unknown manufacturor in China. With mystery bump and go action, lights in the control panel, atom light in the engine room and spacesound, all driven by china`s most ugly alien they could come up with :)

what remains however is one of the most rare and scarce spacetoys that china EVER produced !! This seldom seen sparkling car is rare and scarce and demanded extrodinary high prices in auctions over the years... 

The condition is excellent, complete and perfectly working, only flaw is the missing box....

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