Osaka Tin Toy Institute ( OTTI ) - Mechanized Robby Robot Color Samples / Prototype / Matt Blue

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OTTI - Mechanized Robby Robot Color Samples / Prototype.

Color Sample: Matt Blue

Unique Example, only one of this was ever made. For every robot there is a try out, a first run and a colorsample and that is exactly what you are looking at here.  Showing the most rare and scarce one in the series but there is more !

These color samples were made in Japan by Osaka Tin Toy Institute in the nineties. where they made and reproduced the black robby in quite impressive numbers, they also made some limited series in different colors. The robots that are shown here are all color sample runs and some of them were made in limited editions but others were not. I located these color samples in the workshop of Mr Shinji Miyazawa who kept them there for many years. After he passed away i got many of his projects, tools and prototypes along with many drawings and samples. These series of 15 Mechanized Robby Robots were all part of that legacy.  All of these color samples are unique and most of them were never taken into production in this form.  They are all unique and one of a kind.

As with all these mechanized Robby Robots made by Otti, also most of these color samples suffer from a split plastic gear inside that prevents the robot from walking. All other functions work, light and pistons but because of a little plastic gear that split, most of these robots are not able to walk but who cares.... the colors used on these robots are really AWESOME. all highly professional made and painted.

None of these robots is numbered, simply because it are all color samples. All come with original otti box, some with inserts, others not and most of the boxes have discoloring at one side. plz refer to the pictures.


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