Osaka Tin Toy Institute ( OTTI ) - Astronaut Blue

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Osaka Tin Toy Institute - Astronaut Blue

This robot was made in Japan in 1992 - 1993 and is a limited reproduction of the famous Nomura / Rosko Astronaut.  Osaka Tin Toy Institute made an exact reproduction of this famous and higly sought after robot

in a limted production run in the colors red and blue.  Most were sold out quickly and in 2010 they did a second limited run of both colors. Again they were sold out quickly and i can imagine why...
This robot is fantastic and when you have it in hand, its hard to believe its a reproduction.  Highly detailed. This is an exact copy of the fifties original astronaut.
The robot also has the same functions, walking action, swaying arms, blinking green light under the clear dome and red light in the Walki Talki with beep beep sound, just like the original astronaut, amazing !!

The robot is new and unplayed with old stock and the robot is not numbered. It was found with other sample robots and first testruns. The robot is flawless and comes with box and inserts. The robot works fine and strong with all the actions.

Even as a reproduction, these are not easy to find nowadays because of limited production number.

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