Horikawa - Lucky Ray Gun

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Horikawa SH - Lucky Ray Gun

the seller in Italy allready promised me that this was really a "dangerous" gun :)  "You will not be able to find much history about this one", he promised me !
well... he kept his word and after the ebay auction was ended and i agreed on the price, the gun arrived here a week later..

WOW.. the box.... WOW... what a fantastic box. Amazing artwork and allthough the box is missing a some small pieces and is not in the best condition... what a beauty !
The gun itself is amazing, its big, battery operated and besides a small piece of plastic missing... its excellent and perfectly working.
Together with the box : an ULTRA rare find and i was NOT able to find any other info on this gun. Rare AND scarce AND beautifull box... life of a collector IS great ! :)

The gun is probalbly made in the late fifties, or early sixties. battery operated by 2 D-Cell batteries and accompanied by a wonderfull box with fantastic artwork.

the condition of the gun is excellent and only a small piece of plastic missing in one of the sides is keeping it from higher grades. The box is good, missing a few small pieces but restoring this one is really worth it... can be the only example of the box for this gun.

Extremely rare and scarce spacegun with original box...

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