Yoshiya - Space Tank V-2

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KO / Yoshiya - Space Tank

This battery operated Robby Driven Space Tank was made by KO / Yoshiya in the late fifties in Japan. The tank is battery operated and powered by 2 C-Cell batteries. In action the tank moves around with mystery bump and go action and flashing lights in the robots head.

The tank is rare and scarce and is difficult to find. The box seems to be impossible to find and is seldom seen complete with the tank, an absolute scarce combination.

I found this rare tank and box in Italy in the Milano neighberhood and that is the area where all the nice robots and spacetoys seems to be located :)

The condition of the tank is excellent. The tank shows minimal playwear, works fine and strong and is complete with the original antenna AND original box. The box has some issues at the sidepanels, some loose parts there in the corners and there is a tear in the toplid.  

A combination of the tank with the original box is a rare find, extremely hard to find combination of the complete and working tank with original box.

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