Daiya - Cragstan Astronaut Green Variation

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VST / Daiya / SH - Cragstan Astronaut Green Variation.
This custom made astronaut comes with a story that I will explain here below:

About a year ago i could lay my hands on parts of SH Changeman. When going through the original drawings of this robot I discovered that changeman and Daiya`s Cragstan Astronaut share the some body stamping. Of course the robots differ on many ways, the litho, mechanism and many other things but still.... they share the same body that came from the same molds. 

Marumiya made many creations for Daiya and Horikawa et voila, the link was there and i started to think about crazy plan... what if I could make a GREEN daiya / cragstan astronaut to complete the red and blue one.....

I decided to start looking for some spare parts and bought some red and blue astronauts that... yes... had to be taken apart to provide the parts for a GREEN astronaut.  I needed the feet, head, dome, gunassambly and of course the mechanism to create a green astronaut.

I found some robots that i could use but they all missed the gun ( like many of them do ) and I asked my friend Sylvain if he was able to mold the complete arm and gun for this project. He decided to work with me on this project and took his robot apart to make a copy of the arms and the gun ( thanks again Sylvian ! )

When I finally received the parts I could really start to see if I was able to make a green daiya astronaut.  I had several serious problems to solve.. first I had to make the mechanism fit to the body. The tabs at the backpart of the body had to been made to fit the on/off switch and the batterypack.  I manually stamped new tabs into the backpart of the body to make these fit. 

Than i had to think about the arms... i wanted to use the original arms but they were red or blue and the lied on my workbench for at least 2 months... i really had NO idea what to use... red... blue or the most difficult way to go... paint them green in the robots body color..... I finally made up my mind and decided to make green arms. I mixed the paint for a couple of days till i had the exact green metallic color for the arms. I airbrushed parts of them and did the rest manually. Also the gunassembly was painted in the correct colors.

The head which is always blue for these astronauts was also airbrushed in the correct green color. 

The mounting of the head is different than the regular blue and red astronauts and i had to think about mounting the head on the square neckplate of the changeman neckplate.  I decided to brush it green as well to make it fit to the body.

The arms had to be adjusted again with the custom made gun and I needed some thinking time again how to mount it all back because the changeman body has 2 rings instead of small holes like the red and blue astronauts.

Also the legs come from changeman, the feet are original red daiya astronaut legs as well as the batterycompartment and on/off switch.

The painting took quite some time and drying is the hardest part. beeing patient for it to dry is hard because i wanted to finish the robot...

I finally had all the parts finished and figured out. only thing i needed to do is to put the robot back together. The mechanism was modified to fit perfectly to the legs and the motor was taken apart to make it run perfectly again.

It took me again another day to build up the robot but all went perfectly now.....everything fitted as i had planned and when i put the first arm to the body I knew this would look awesome... 

Well... the result is, my opinion, stunning.... a PERECT addition to the red and blue Cragstan astronaut but this time in GREEN !!!

The robot is made out of original parts, in excellent condition and perfectly working with walking action and raising gun action. ( there is no light in the gun by the way because of the massive gunassembly, but who cares ... )

The astronaut raises his arms with loud ratatata sound, just like its blue and red brothers..

I will make 2, maybe 3 of these in total, not more because I dont have the green body parts anymore available than... so its an unique robot in many many ways....

If you are interested in a green Daiya Astronaut you can contact me on boogo.nl@gmail.com
This example will as the first one build, remanin in my personal collection but I am planning to make one, maybe 2 more max !

in the pictures the batterybox is missing the red valves but they will be added of course :-)

You can see the robot in action by clicking HERE

CFP:  Contact me For Price        at        boogo.nl@gmail.com