Yonezawa - Rocket Launching Pad

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Yonezawa - Rocket Launching Pad

This dangerous toy for children was made in Japan in the early sixties. A beautifully lithographed launching pad that is able to fire a little missile and sattelite with sparking action. absulutely stunning spacetoy from the late fifties. 

This pad takes 2 D-cell batteries. than you push the rocket with sattelite inside the tube and press the "fire" button. The clock counts down with rocketsound, the screen lights up and than the rocket is fired with sparks and the sattelite is brought into orbit..

Made out of lithographed tin, battery operated with very nice box art.

The condition of this toy is complete, all original and in working order. The original rocket and satellite are present and even a small tube with special flints ( 2 present ) is present. these are big flints, specially made for this toy, 2 original flints are still with the toy.
These can be inserted in the tube.

Excellent to near mint condition of the pad, rocket and sattelite and accompanied by its original box.  The box is very good but has some tears and old repairs from the inside... still the original box with complete excellent toy, in working order !

Very hard to find combination. Space of the golden age in optima forma !

Scarce toy !

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