Taiyo - Blink a Gear Robot

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Taiyo - Blink a Gear Robot.

It does not happen that often that I got a robot from the first owner that owned the robot as a kid but this one IS !!.

This Blink a Gear Robot was owned by Scott in the USA and he got the robot as a christmas present back in 1964. He remembered his brother also got a robot but a different one, he could not remember which one anymore.  He played with the robot not that often and the robot was put asside by his parents, put in the box and stored away. 

In 2014, so many many years later his parents had to move to a smaller house and while cleaning up the house, he found his robot back again :)
He kept the robot for a couple of years and decided to sell it in juni 2017. He visited my website and came into contact with me. He told me the whole story, all he could remember about the robot, it was really a nice talk for sure.

I asked him if he was SURE to sell his childhood toy but he really wanted to sell it so i bought it.

Because the robot was put aside for such a long time i did not expect it to work anymore but when i installed some fresh batteries, he lighted up and began to walk and spin its gears, very cool to see the robot back in action after such a long time.

The robot suffered from beeing in the box for a very very long time and was dirty as hell so I had to clean it which took me several hours. The robot has some spidering and spots on the right side of the head and mainly at the back of the head.  Its not cause by a leaking battery because the batterycompartment is clean as a whisle.  Maybe there was some moist or perhaps a leaking battery loose in the box but i could not find any trace of that.

what remains is still an excellent and almost perfect blink a gear robot. Besides the spidering and some light corrosionspots mainly on the top and back, there is not much else to mention. The legs are perfect, NO cracks there. perfect dome, perfectly working and all orignal robot., never been opened up before, never been messed with before. this is really how you want to find a vintage robot. 

Complete with the original box that shows some old tape repairs at one of the sidepanels but overall a very good to excellent box.
Oh and did I mention the robot works perfectly ! ? :-)

Hard to find robot with original box, very nice example.

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