Taiyo - Blink a Gear Robot

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Taiyo - Blink a Gear Robot.

Always when you see these robots around they have issues... Because the robot was made out of tin with plastic legs and arms... many did not survive time... The legs and arms are fragile and there is often damage to the legs at the top part, where they are attached to the mechanism.

I had some in my collection over the years but there was ALWAYS something going on with these robots... NOT with this one ! :-)
Only flaw could be the missing box but... Hell with it... THIS is an example as it should be... I found it on an attic overhere in Holland where the robot was put away for many many years...... Surprisingly I found one in Holland... first one i ever saw one here.  The robot was part of a big collection robots and spacetoys. The owner passed away a couple of years ago and I was invited to enter the attic where you could hardly walks and breathe..... Oh and it was 35 degrees Celcius that day... but... EVERYTHING for the hobby so I went upstairs in the dust and found some really nice robots and spacetoys.

This robot was made in 2 variations. wheel a gear ( with wheels inside, driven by a rubber band, and this one, Blink a gear...

Made in Japan by Taiyo in the early sixties.... In action the robot walks forward with swinging arms, and a LOT of rotating gears in his chest..Powered by 2 D-Cells in the back.

This robot is really untouched and was never opened before.. I could not get it back to life so I had to open it and make it working again... the motor was stuck after beeing on the attic for so many years..

The robot is in excellent to near mint condition.. NO flaws to mention on this one, no cracks, no breaks, no repairs or whatever... The chrome could use a good cleaning but I like the robot the way it is... it gives it its vintage charm.

Working fine and strong, clean battery compartment... in short... A real beauty !!  No upgrade ever needed on this example..

Very VERY hard to find in this flawless condition.. its the first one I have in hand in all these years that is PERFECT !

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