Osaka Tin Toy Institute ( OTTI ) - Tetsujin Gigantor 28 Light Grey Color

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Osaka Tin Toy Institute - Tetsujin Gigantor T28 Light Grey Color.

This rare and scarce robot was made in 1989 by Osaka Tin Toy in Japan in a limited series of only 500 pieces.   Build with the same craftmanship as TN Nomura made these robots in the mid sixties and build on the same molds with the same technoligy and skills.

This robot was made in 3 variations, in dark brown, dark blue and this light grey colorvariation. all limited in 500 pieces and these robots were sold out very quickly those days.

Powered by a clockwork mechanism, this Tetsujin walks forward. Body is made out of lithographed tin, just like the original one. Because the robot is made with the same techniques and on the same molds, this Tetsujin is an exact copy of the original.

This example is a pre production run and is therefore not numbered.
I found a couple of these robots in Japan lateley along with some parts, some handpainted prototypes and these unnumbered pre-production runs.

This robot differes slightly from the final production robot. some differences in the litho.  

The condition of this robot is near mint to mint, no flaws to mention. This example comes with original windup key and box with inserts. Even as a reproduction, these robots are very hard to find and demand still great attention. Very rare and scarce robot in this color. Complete robot with box, no upgrade ever needed on this one.

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