Modern Toys - Sonicon Rocket Patterned Variation

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Modern Toys - Sonicon Rocket Patterned Variation !

Modern toys made several variations based on this platform but only 2 of these rockets came with the Sonicon Mechanism.   This mechanism is triggered by SOUND, in this case Its a whistle that triggers the internal mechanism and allows the rocket to be steered with sound.  ( the whistle and its little box are missing but very nice reproductions excist at    ask Heinz for this.

In action this rocket hoovers around in a random direction, when you blow the whistle you can steer the rocket into an other direction. The antenna points to the direction you want to steer the toy.

The common version of this rocket is in BLUE and is showing up from time to time. THIS example is socalled " patterned " variation and is ultra rare and scarce... In fact this is the first example I have in hands in all those years. Never was able to located this variation before... absolute stunning litho and MUCH better looking than the regular blue one.

I located this example surprisingly overhere in Holland from a large robot and spacetoy collection.  Many toys of this collection were not complete and so its the case with this example.

First, the rocket is in excellent condition, normal playwear and some scuffs and scratches but nothing really serious. Clean batterycompartment and the toy is starting to run around when batteries are put inside.  The whistle is missing so i was not able to test this one properly. when you make sound, it responds but does not really work as it supposed to do. Something to work on by the new owner. 
Further, the chrome bumper on the back is missing and was replaced by the previous owner by a selfmade one... Very well done and It took me 4 times to see what happed there at the back, only than I noticed the replaced bumper.

The antenna is an original Sonicon Antenna but belongs to the blue variation, this patterned one must have a grey one but...Its an original antenna.

And final... the box is original and in very good to excellent condition but its the wrong box. The patterned Sonicon has its own box and that differs from this box.   anyway... the box is original and has some internal repairs but overall a very nice and original box.

Well... thats about it, not perfect but a VERY VERY nice example of this rare and scarce sonicon Rocket that you simply never see around in the open market.

Feel free to ask me all your questions you may have.

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