Osaka Tin Toy Institute ( OTTI ) - Tetsujin 28 No. 5 ( Light Blue Sample / Prototype )

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Osaka Tin Toy Insitute - Tetsujin 28 No. 5  ( Light Blue Sample )

Designed by Mr Shinji Miyazawa these battery operated Tetsujins 28 were made in Japan in the mid nineties. Designed and drawn by one of the best in the bussiness and made with the same skills as they were made for Nomura in the sixties. Same techniques and craftmanship was used to produce these tin robots.

This robot is made out of lithographed tin and is battery operated, powered by 2 D-Cells that are hold in the green remote control. In action the robot walks forward with swinging arms and illuminated flashing rockets at the back of the robot.

This No. 5 was produced in 2 color variations. light and dark blue in a limited series of 500 pieces of each color.

This example is probably a salesman sample / prototype. The box is not numbered like the regular series and the rocketpack on the robots back is fully lithographed and does NOT have the clear gel with light underneath. Complete and fully operational with original box and all the inserts. Mint condition of the robot and the box.

This robot was part of Mr. Miyazawa`s personal collection. He passed away in 2013 and left a real treasure of robots, parts, samples and prototypes behind along with all his original drawings, ideas and interesting never seen before robots and toys.

This sample is an rare unique example of Osaka`s Tetsujin No.5.

Its unique and differs from the final product by the unnumbered box and the fully lithographed rocketpack on the robots back.

Rare and Unique example !

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